Film Siksha

Earlier days, one must have to be present in the film city and struggle then only able to grab an opportunity to make a career in the film industry. But today, there are opportunities waiting for the deserving one. Easy availability of high definition camera and platform like 'Youtube' has made story telling process super easy. And the best part, film enthusiast not only making good entertaining content but also making handsome income each month. Thats why even film and teleserial production houses have picked digital platform to deliver content. With the increasing number of content production, competition too rising. And to survive this tough environment and reach out at the top, one must have to have good knowledge of film making.

Screenwriting Film Siksha

So here, we film siksha come into play. We gather industry standard professional topics, tips from film and tv industry professionals and contemporary knowledge from best platforms and share here. Follow up our website regularly to find out new latest information of film making craft.

There is tremendous opportunity is there in the film industry. Right preparation and bit practice could help to change fate. With the gained knowledge, one can form team and build content for online platforms. There is money. Knowledge matters.

Movie Direction Film Siksha

Screenwriting is a craft and craft can not be learned with out proper training and sufficient practice. Most strugglers gain knowledge from here and there and land up for an opportunity but such developed drafts clearly speaks about the author. Such scripts if gets response then response would be characters are under developed, meaning of the script is not clear, scenes are flat, dialogues are meaningless, can’t appeal to audience etc.

Same with film direction. Todays date it is no hard to make short film, feature film, web series. But one simple thing lacks is film grammar. Cinema is not about scenes where actors perform but it deals with more depth implementation of logics.

Movie Editing Film Siksha

The point here is, with out training, it is impossible to get opportunity in the industry as screenwriter or film director. For such training, best option is film school. Second best option is assisting in a film production. But this solution is not suitable for everyone. Because in production environment no one is going to sit and train. One must have to enough clever, and intelligent to understand things happening around by self.

Otherwise third option, learn screenwriting and film direction online. It is going to help you for sure to pursue your dreams. Lots of strugglers are more comfortable with Hindi language. So, to benefit such aspiring screenwriters and film directors we have developed this website.

Cinematography Film Siksha

Now, you are aware of three options, and which ever option appears to you going to help you to pursue your dreams, opt that option. Remember, with out training, it is extreme hard to get into this industry.