Film Making Articles

Film making is a vast topic in itself. Today's time there is high demand of film makers over film director. One must have to have good grip on all the major departments of film making such as Screenwriting, Film Direction, Editing, Cinematography, Acting, Production and Promotion.

Film Making

Screenwriting is the first step in any movie, tv, web or documentary project. Screenwriting is not all about scene after scene writing. It involves in depth understanding of visual story telling craft.Irrespective of the departments, all are bound to have good understanding of Script. Unlike poem, novel or literature, screenwriting is not art. Screenwriting is craft. Craft can be learned with right training, lots of practice and understanding the logic behind projecting a story on screen.

Cinematography is the backbone of movie business. Can we imagine a movie or tv or web or documentary with out cinematography! No. Not at all. Cinematography is not limited to camera placement and movement. It involves how a cinematographer uses light to evoke emotion in the audience. Not an easy task. Aspiring director must have to have complete knowledge of cinematography.

Production is the main phase in movie making business. In this phase, producer spends almost entire budget. Aspiring screenwriter must have to have good understanding of production. Because most production house are budget concsious. And also aspiring film makers must have good knowledge of production process.

Short Film are good option to draw attention of film makers, producers, actors, investors, distributors and channel creative head. Each year more than 10 dedicated film festivals organise here, where short films are having top priority. Big names from film faternity also participate.