Maqbool: The Original Screenplay with English Translation

Maqbool: The Original Screenplay with English Translation

Buy original Screenplay of Hindi Bollywood Movie Maqbool. Maqbool screenplay is written by Vishal Bhardwaj.

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About This Screenplay Book

Of all the plays penned by William Shakespeare, one that seems especially relevant to our times is Macbeth. A tale about primal instincts and emotions, Macbeth deals with ambition love, violence and death in one breath. In Vishal Bhardawajs scintillating adaption, the Mumbai mafia provides the backdrop for the action.

The protagonist, Maqbool (Irrfan Khan), is the right-hand man of the mafia don Abbaji (Pankaj Kapur). Nimmi(Tabu), who is Abbajis mistress, hates her situation and is in love with Maqbool, who she thinks is the only one who can put her out of her misery. Driven by his love for Nimmi and his ambition for power. Maqbool murders Abbaji and declares himself the leader of the gang. Circumstances then spiral out of control and Maqbool finds himself surrounded on all sides.

Does he have the resolve to fight it any more? This unforgettable film not only portrays human emotions but also serves as a morality tale discriminating wisely between the right and the good and the wrong and the evil. The cult classic now as a book.